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A. All students who’ve successfully completed the first year of their college can apply to

A. No. Students of any stream or specialisation can participate.

A. This entirely depends on you. While you might invest slightly longer hours initially to understand the business, you decide how you want to influence others and build business efficiency. Like all CEOs, you will see yourself spending time planning & getting plans executed 🙂

A. Of course! This programme is a great way to learn by doing. Think of it as an opportunity to act like a startup entrepreneur, and scale ideas from thought to action.

A. At Swiggy, we are constantly on the look-out for bright talent – people who are problem solvers, influencers, and want to contribute to changing lifestyles. This year, select top performing Campus CEOs will also be given an opportunity to land a paid internship at the Swiggy HQ and appear for a pre-placement interview for a full-time job.

A. Yes, all Campus CEOs will undergo a two-day induction and a two-week training programme. You will also receive regular feedback on your performance and be given guidance on how you can achieve your targets.

A. Yes. This is a paid internship with a monthly stipend and performance-based rewards.

A. As with any other start-up, challenges will be the norm (which is what makes this gig so exciting). For example, you could have a vendor resist learning how to use our app, you’d have to learn how to manage your time between work and studies, etc.

A. That depends entirely on how you manage your time. Today’s economy demands multitasking, and this could be a great opportunity for you to push your limits and learn what you’re capable of.

A. Our training module will cover these aspects. We’ll try and make sure your time is utilised effectively and might also train you in the use of technology reporting tools.


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